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Why Royale gives back to children’s hospitals

ROYALE® is celebrating 10 years of fundraising and partnership with Childrens Miracle Network in Canada. In recognition of this milestone, we reached out to an employee to talk about this incredible partnership and tell his story: 

My name is Gary MacIntosh, and I’m the Director of Marketing at Royale. I’ve been with the company for 10 years, and have seen this partnership grow from the beginning.

It’s important to me to support Children’s Miracle Network, well, WOW, it’s such a great cause. It’s fulfilling to be able to give back to the community and children’s hospitals are a tremendous charity. As a parent, I can’t think of anything that touches you with more emotion then the sight of a sick or hurt child. It really is a very emotional cause and one Royale isvery proud to support! Donating a $1 for every specially marked package of Royale at Walmart stores, gives us an opportunity to contribute in a major way.

Like many families in this country, my family has a connection to our children’s hospital. My daughter Alison was a competitive gymnast but about 3 years ago she had to have surgery on her elbow caused by the repetition of exercise. The surgery was fairly uncommon, so we had to travel to the IWK in Halifax for the operation.

The care she received there by the staff was amazing and both my wife and I were able to sleep overnight in the room with her. My daughter was especially thrilled to use their late-night dining service as her surgery went late into the evening. It really is a magnificent hospital and you truly feel like you are getting the best care with state of the art equipment and technologies. Her elbow has a couple of additional screws now but she is able to play sports again and finished her high school sporting career playing girl’s rugby!

I’m so happy that we’re fundraising for another year, with our other partner Walmart Canada. They’ve been a huge part of this! We have been working together for over 10 years to raise money for children’s hospitals. They are a great partner with a strong network of stores across the country in every location where there is a children’s hospital. That’s really important because people like to see that their participation is helping to contribute to a local charity. Additionally, Walmart staff get excited about the promo and really do their best to help merchandise our products in key store locations to help drive the donation.

Thank you, for helping us support the recovery of sick and injured kids. The past 10 years have been amazing, and we can’t wait for many more.

Until October 1, $1 from every speciallymarked ROYALE® paper product at Walmart Canada stores will be donated to Childrens Miracle Network.